10 Most Strangest and Amazing Restaurants

Posted on August 25, 2012 at 7:50 PM

Dining out is usually about the tasting of great food and maybe trying something different. It's often an opportunity to relax and be served while enjoying the company of others in a different atmosphere. Well some restaurants have taken the whole dining experience to the next level and made the surroundings the highlight of the show giving you an ambience that will possibly be remembered over the food itself.

In no particular order;


1) Pisa's Prison Restaurant - Pisa, Italy

This restaurant is located inside a top security prison and you are actually served by prisoners spending time for offences such as murder and robbery. Under the watchful eye of armed prison warders, a team of chefs, kitchen hands and waiters cater for up to 120 diners who have all undergone strict security checks.

Tables are booked up weeks in advance.

Visit Pisa's Prison Restaurant here.


2) O.NIOR - Canada

This restaurant invites you to try your dining experience in the dark. You sit, eat, drink and talk in complete darkness. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that the waiting staff are even blind. The idea behind this interesting restaurant is that without sight, the remaining senses are rewired to savour the smell and taste of food, and focus on conversation and sensation and after a few hours in complete darkness, you get an understanding of what it's actually like to be blind.

Visit O.NOIR here.


3) Minus 5 Ice Lounge - Sydney, Australia

Minus 5 is all about the art of ice. Everything inside is made of ice; the walls, the bar, the sculptures, the seats and even the glasses that you enjoy the famous vodka-based cocktails in. Guests are taken to an air locked 'warming room' and provided with parkas, ugg boots and double gloves to wear over your existing clothing. You are then issued with a 20-minute timer to wear around your neck before entering.

Visit Minus 5 Ice Lounge here.


4) Ithaa Undersea - Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa

This restaurant sits five meters below sea level in the Indian Ocean. The aquarium -style restaurant allows you to take in 360 degree views of reef and marine life while enjoying your fine dining experience. Unfortunately, Ithaa only seats 12 so bookings are essential well in advance.

Visit Ithaa Underwater Restaurant here.


5) Sehnsucht - Berlin, Germany

This is an unusual restaurant that focuses on its clientele to be anorexic. Even the chef and several of the waiting staff are anorexic. The menu items have names that don’t include words for food to avoid confronting anorexics with the fact that they are about to eat, for example, Pirate’s Eye is the name of a dish for 2 fish fingers and a fried egg. The Thieves Platter is a dish simply consisting of a fork, knife, and an empty plate and encourages the diner to steal (or share) from those dining with them.

Visit Sehnsucht here.


6) The Dining Dog Cafe - Edmonds, Washington, United States

The Dining Dog Cafe allows patrons to dine with their beloved pooch. They have a full table service menu including doggie cocktails, appetizers, entrees and desserts and even a birthday cake for that special day (which actually comes 7 times a year for a dog).

Visit The Dining Dog Cafe here.


7) Yellow Treehouse Restaurant - Warkworth, New Zealand

A scenic elevated tree-top walkway leads you to this bizarre but amazing pod-shaped structure built ten metres high in a redwood tree. It resembles a cocoon wrapped around a tree trunk and provides one of the most interesting built restaurants in the world. Just North of Auckland, this treehouse seats 30 for a seated dinner or up to 50 for a casual standing cocktail function.

Visit The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant here.


08) Dinner in the Sky - Australia and Worldwide

A take on high-end cuisine. Suspended 50 metres above the ground, you are strapped into a rectangular table surrounding the chef watching as he prepares your multi-course menu while drinking your favourite beverage and taking in the amazing views. There is a maximum of 22 seats with 5 staff to take care of you wherever you desire.

Visit Dinner in the Sky here.


9) Modern Toilet - Taiwan

Modern Toilet is so wildly popular through Taiwan that it has 12 locations throughout Asia. Guests sit on toilets and eat out of dishes shaped like toilets, sinks and bathtubs. The menu of noodle soups and Indian curries might look appetizing if not for the presentation. And to top it off, dessert is soft-serve chocolate ice cream brought to your table in a miniature toilet bowl.

Visit Modern Toilet here.


10) The Kayabukiya Tavern - Utsunomiya, Japan

This Japanese tavern employs two waiters with a special background, they are both monkeys. The monkeys will offer hot towels to newly seated customers and then bring them their drink orders. They are also well trained to remove dirty plates and glasses. The monkey waiters do not technically work for peanuts but for tips of boiled soy beans and will accept a cigarette. The monkeys do not have set work hours but you’ll have the best chance of seeing them in action early in the evening, though in line with animal regulations, they only work for two hours a day.


So if it's the experience and not necessarily the food that you're after, there are plenty of other dining options around for you to enjoy.


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