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For everything Cooking, Cleaning, Chemicals, and Compliance


Hi and welcome to the fabulous world that is Culinary Madness.

We are a boutique Brisbane-based hospitality consultancy company offering expertise in all areas of the hospitality industry.

We offer a range of solutions to your business needs including:

·         menu design

·         cost control

·         website creation

·         social media monitoring

·         professional writing

·         staffing solutions

·         master cooking classes

Culinary Madness has developed an enormous base of experience and knowledge through consulting services across a vast selection of 5 star resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafe's, QSR’s, catering companies and retail deli's providing experience in a broad range of venues through all levels of service.

We have also had many years of experience providing photos and articles to leading magazines and newspapers, websites, flyers, and blogs. We have even created a cookbook to share our knowledge on some of the more exquisite of ingredients.

Please browse the menu to the left to find out more about our services and products and feel free to contact us should you require any information on our ever-growing demand for good food and great results.